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About Me | Ellie Jamieson

About Me

I’ve been teaching music now for over a decade, to students of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. I specialise in teaching piano (inc. keyboard), guitar (acoustic or electric), and the instrument of the moment - the ukulele! All lessons are individually tailored, on a 1 to 1 basis, and delivered in a friendly welcoming learning environment by either myself or my talented and lovely colleague Izzy.

I started my career in music and education in a music studio in the city centre, before diversifying my experience working in other educational establishments including Northumbria University and more recently for the Awarding Body NCFE. I now work full time teaching music as part of my own business, Jamieson Music Tuition.

As well as having a range of experience working in the education sector, I have a diverse musical background. In my youth I was an orchestral violinist, which was great for experience in playing to large crowds and in big venues such as the City Hall in Newcastle. I then branched out and began playing the piano, which was valuable in terms of putting music theory into practice. Building on my knowledge of the violin, I took to the piano quickly, completed all of my graded exams and have performed in various countries around the world.

Returning to my roots of string instruments, I also began learning to play the guitar when I was 16. With a combination of my existing technical and theoretical music knowledge and allied with my love of rock music, it was a match made in heaven! I quickly passed all of my exams on guitar, even missing several out and jumping through the grades, earning a Distinction for my final exam, Grade 8. I’ve played in several bands over the years as a lead guitarist, so I have lots of gigging experience and have supported some well-regarded musicians. My current band won a North East ‘Battles of the Bands’ competition last summer. You can check out my band and my gigs here. To add a final dimension to my musical interests, I’m passionate about bringing music into the community.

As such, I’ve been involved in courses at The Sage Gateshead, and have played for The Newcastle Samba Drumming Band! I now run my own community music classes in association with Newcastle City Library. These are weekly groups for beginner guitar and ukulele players. If you'd like to come along, just get in touch!

My life started with music, but it doesn’t end there. My love of creativity also means that I’m a bit of a general bohemian who likes to travel and explore the world, and use this for inspiration in my work as an artist. I’ve had exhibitions in local galleries and I sell my art prints worldwide. If you’re interested, feel free to check out my artwork page and my travel blog.

*Member of the Incorporated Society of Musicians (ISM)*